Crime Patrol Episode : Episode 200 - 6th January 2013

Senior Citizen Eliza is strangled to death
Crime Patrol : Episode 200 - 6th January 2013

Crime Patrol 6th January 2013 Story

TWO Native indian teenagers have been charged of eliminating their granny and taking her cash to bet on cricket activities.

The young children, outdated 14 and 15, were among a range of five organised by cops for the claimed eliminating of 65-year-old Betty Cajetan Andrade, who was discovered undressed in her house last 30 days.
The team are claimed of taking 400,000 rupees ($7000) and some silver decorations from her house in the southern of the vacation condition of Goa.
"These young children desired cash to bet on the Native indian Leading Group and the (soccer) European cup," cops superintendent Arvind Gawas said, including that the cash was used for gambling but that it was uncertain how much was gambled.
"After the eliminating and theft they marketed all the silver and allocated the cash amongst themselves," he said.
"They betted during the IPL and ongoing during the European cup."
The five charged were grabbed from different places after one of them revealed to the criminal activity, Supt Gawas said.
Along with the grandsons are three men outdated 15, 19 and 21.

On Fifteenth May 2012, a mature Eliza Rosario residing in Goa gets extremely murdered by 2 unidentified people who had used a cover up. Eliza's Spouse Edward Rosario is stunned to see her Spouse who was relaxing deceased on the sofa. Jacobs's Son too couldn't believe it. Cops researches the situation. Examiner tries to gather more details about the Rosario members of the family from Eliza's Son Sylvester. One of the Children residing next to Eliza's home shows to Examiner that he saw a White-colored Maruti Car. Rs. 3 lakhs money and Jewelry value Rs. 6 lakhs are losing from Eliza's home. Examiner increases question on Xavier. Who murdered Eliza? Is it a well organized murder? To know more observe this spectacular episode?


Crime Patrol Episode : Rajesh Ganatra mysteriously goes missing - Episode 198 - 4th January 2013

Crime Patrol Episode
Rajesh Ganatra mysteriously goes missing 
Crime Patrol Episode 198 
4th January 2013

Mumbai police to apply MCOCA in triple murder case

MUMBAI: In its first kind of move the Borivli police have moved an application before the Mumbai police commissioner Satyapal Singh seeking sanction to book Gopal Pandey and his five aides under the stringent act of Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA).

While the joint commissioner (law and Order) Sadanand Date have already sanctioned the Borivli police's application, the police are now awaiting Singh's sanction before invoking the stringent act. While seeking the sanction the Borivli police have cited reasons like the accused have criminal background, are organized and have committed the crime for pecuniary gain etc. Additional commissioner of police (North Region) Sunil Paraskar confirmed and said,Its is not proper for me to comment on it as the accused will get alert. I will only say that it is a fit case for MCOCA.''

Sources said normally the crime branch invokes the stringent act as the investigations needs a dedicated teams and hard work as compared the local police station which is always busy with routine duties.

In June this year the crime branch had arrested six persons including Pandey in connection with the kidnapping and murder of a builder, Nitin Dhakan, 46. After the murder, the accused allegedly shopped using Dhakan's debit card and even stole cash from his house. The six arrested are Gopal Pande, 45, Brajesh Mishra, 33, Abhijit Bhosale, 24, Birbal Singh, 37, Haroon Sheikh, 35, and Sachin Chorge, 28.

During the interrogation of Gopal Pandey, the prime accused told police that in April this year he kidnap and murder case of Borivli-based builder Nitin Dhakan over a property dispute. Dhakan's brother Kishorebhai had registered a case of kidnapping at Borivli police station. When the police went through call records on Dhakan's cell phone they found Pande's number. Police found that on April 30, Pande had called Dhakan and after the kidnapping his cell phone location showed Virar.

All six have been booked under IPC sections 302 (murder), 364 (kidnapping or abducting in order to murder), 365 (kidnapping or abducting with intent, secretly and wrongfully), 342 (punishment for wrongful confinement), 120 (B) (punishment of criminal conspiracy) and 201 (causing disappearance of evidence of offence) of the IPC.


Builder killed over property deal, body burnt in forest

MUMBAI: While the crime branch claimed to have solved the abduction and murder of Borivli builder Nitin Dhakan with the arrest of six persons on Wednesday, his family refused to accept that the remains found were his.

According to the police, Nitin (46), who was missing since April 27, was murdered over a failed property deal. Nitin and his acquaintance, Ashok Burman, had paid a token amount of Rs 1.11 lakh to the main accused, property broker Gopal Pandey (45), to buy a plot at Saibaba Nagar in Borivli, said the police. When the two learnt the plot was embroiled in litigation, they began delaying the purchase, said the police. This is believed to have irked Pandey who then plotted Nitin's murder.

The cops went through the cellphone locations of Nitin and the accused and found them to be the same for several hours on April 26. "We have recovered 18 kg of earth from the forest in Manor where the accused had burnt Nitin's body. This includes bones and wooden logs used by them as pyre to dispose of Nitin's body. A sample of the remains will be sent for DNA tests," said senior inspector R Dalvi.

Nitin, a former jeweller, is survived by his wife and two children. "We are not satisfied with the outcome of the probe. There is no confirmation that the charred remains are my father's," Nitin's son Karan said. At the time of Nitin's disappearance, Karan was in Bangalore while his mother and sister were in Gujarat.

On April 26, Pandey asked Nitin and Burman to meet him at a cowshed owned by him in Borivli for a meeting, said the police. After Burman left, Pandey asked Nitin to accompany him and his associates for a drive. The group got into Pandey's car.

"Pandey then asked Nitin to pay him Rs 1 crore as compensation for the loss he incurred due to the property deal. When Nitin expressed his inability to pay such a huge amount, the accused beat him up in the forest of Tungareshwar," said a crime branch officer. The accused snatched Nitin's cellphone, house keys and credit card and beat him up again.

"The men then went to a liquor shop and downed a few drinks," said an officer. "When they realized Nitin was dead, they went to a forest in Manor after purchasing seven litres of petrol. They doused Nitin's body with petrol and set it on fire."

The accused destroyed Nitin's SIM card and purchased a new one which they used to call up his relatives. The men told them that Nitin had met with an accident, but was safe. The men used Nitin's credit card to buy shirts. Pandey and one of his aides went to Nitin's house and made off with Rs 45,000 in cash. Pandey's arrested associates are Haroon Shaikh, Brijesh Mishra, Abhijeet Bhosle, Birbal Singh and Sachin Chorge.


6 held for kidnap-murder confess to killing 2 more

In a case with striking similarities to the Vijay Palande-led murders, six men arrested for the kidnap-murder of builder Nitin Dhakan earlier in June have confessed to a third murder — of an autorickshaw driver in 2008, days after they revealed they had also killed a loan agent in 2010. Police said the men had burnt the victims’ bodies in all three cases.

The Crime Branch had arrested the six men — Gopal Pandey, 45, Brajesh Mishra, 33, Abhijit Bhosale, 24, Birbal Singh, 37, Haroon Sheikh, 35, and Sachin Chorge, 28 — for kidnapping Dhakan after a land deal they were involved in fell through, beating him to death and burning the body in a forest near Kelve Road, Virar. The crime branch had handed them over to the Borivali police for further investigation.

Police officers said Pandey had, on Wednesday, told them about a third victim — Vijay Dubey — whom they had kidnapped and killed in 2008. The body of the 30-year-old victim, an autorickshaw driver and Pandey’s friend with whom he had a spat, was also burnt in Virar.

Pandey had, three days ago, reportedly confessed to killing a loan agent — Sanjay Ramchandra Chouhan — on March 11, 2010, following a financial dispute. His associates had locked Chouhan in a room and beat him to death. The body was burnt in a forest near Virar and remains thrown in a river.

“Pandey has confessed but we are yet to confirm the murder. We will not be able to carry out further investigations until we find the remains of the body,” inspector Mahesh More of Borivali police said.

On Wednesday, the police took Pandey to the Virar forest to ascertain his claims. They also carried out a search at a spot pointed out by him.


Crime Patrol Episode : Prajapati's Son-in-law gets arrested - Episode 197 - 30th December

Crime Patrol Episode :
Prajapati's Son-in-law gets arrested
Episode 197
30th December

Crime Patrol Episode Story : 

CBI trips Kolahpur, Maharashtra to fulfill Mansoor to whom Divya's mobile cellphone belonged. Mobile cellphone store proprietor Gautam shows to CBI that Sunil discovered Divya's mobile cellphone in the normal water. Sunil shows to CBI that he often uses to shower in Panchganga Stream and in one of the bag he discovered the mobile cellphone. Prajapati's Spouse Meenaxi got divided from Prajapati long time back. CBI tries to gather more details about Divya's mobile cellphone. Divya's Dad Prajapati shows a surprising fact to CBI. Will CBI be successful in monitoring the killer? Who murdered Divya? What was killer's actual motive? To know more observe this fascinating show.

Crime Partol
Crime Patrol